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Confidentiality Statement


Data Protection and Access Rights

For most of our services no registration is needed, the possibility of access without identification is offered.

The page which is addressed to medical staff and contains information about products that are issued based on medical prescription,  is allowed exclusively to the professional community from the sanitary field according to Law No. 95/2006, regarding the reform in health, Title XVII

However, some parts of the portal of Gedeon Richter România Ltd. retains the personal data sent according to the regulations and applicable laws in this fields.  

Non-personal information that you send through the “Email” link are used only to solve your problem and they are stored according to the data protection requirements and standards.

Gedeon Richter România Ltd. protects, administers and retains your data only in such way as allowed by the applicable laws and ethics requirements.

Applicable Laws

The collected information within this site will be used and administered according the provisions of Law No. 677/2001, for people’s protection regarding procesing the personal character data and free movement of data, published in the Official Gazette No. 790 from the 12th of December 2001 as well as other laws and regulations in the field.


Gedeon Richter România Ltd. will not give away to third parties your personal data, except the ones provided in the laws regarding the data protection.

Access Right

You have the right to access and to update your personal data or to request their erasement.

We will do our best to keep your personal data updated.

According to the law for people’s protection regarding the processing of personal character data and free movement of these data, Gedeon Richter România Ltd. will erase all your personal data from its database at the moment the company receives a written request from you.

Personal Data Storage

The use of personal data in another manner or for other purposes than the ones described is forbidden to the emloyees of Gedeon Richter România Ltd., who are responsible for their administration. The employees of the company stricly follow the confidentiality standards when they administer personal or other kind of data.

Gedeon Richter Ltd. uses all the available instruments and technical advantages to provide security and the correct use of the information and personal data.

We do not collect or store information on the site about the visitors without their consent. Only the anonymous statistics of the site are compiled, for example “the most visited site” or the most used search criteria.

Gedeon Richter România Ltd. does not neglect spamming. Spamming means sending unrequested e-mails, usually of commercial nature, in a very large number and repeatedly to people with whom the sender had no previous contact.

If Gedeon Richter România Ltd. thinks that certain information could be beneficial for you, the company reserves its right to inform you through an e-mail, offering you therefore the possibility to decide if you opt in favour of such service.

Gedeon Richter România Ltd. administers personal data according to the regulations and methods described in this statement.