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  Environmental activities


    All the phases of the production of a drug, starting from the research phase and until the production phase, packaging, transport and storage, as well as all the activities or adjacent measures to the production process, such as the protection of the employees or the treatment of effluents resulted from different processes involve energy consumption and impact on the environment.

In this regard, Gedeon Richter has assumed its responsibility regarding the rigorous management of energy resources, gas emissions or the effluents resulting from the production processes.

Consistent with the policies asserted by the entire chain, Gedeon Richter România Ltd. have implemented and have strictly maintained a series of measures meant to save natural and energy resources, and to reduce the residual impact on the environment, no matter whether they are gas emissions with greenhouse effect, industrial effluents or waste.

Water is an element on which the existence of life on Earth depends. The fact that the water resources are in limited quantity is no secret to anybody today. That is why Gedeon Richter România Ltd. attaches a great importance to this aspect, using, in the production processes, equipment that, apart from being high-tech, corresponds even to the necessity of reduced water consumption.

Regarding the energy consumption, Gedeon Richter România Ltd. reduces the consumption without decreasing the performance.

To reduce gas emissions with greenhouse effect, performance equipment was purchased in the design phase of the production lines. 

The effluents resulting from the technological processes of production are collected and neutralized in treatment stations. The resulted waters are overflown in the water receiving stations at standards that meet the requirements of international norms.

Out of respect for nature and for the patients, Gedeon Richter România Ltd. uses only carefully chosen packaging quality materials,  plastic, paper or glass.

Writing about these preoccupations, we wish to strengthen your belief that, through the steps that we are taking to be in the service of people’s health, Gedeon Richter România Ltd. remains faithful to one concept, according to which the surrounding environment does not belong to us, being a loan taken from the next generations.