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 Marketing and sales


  The marketing policies in the pharmaceutical sector are nowadays subject to increasingly higher expectations on the part of those people who, in one way or the other, contribute to the development of this branch, which is vital for the health of the population.

The main activities of the mother company – Richter Gedeon Plc., respectively those of research and development, production of pharmaceuticals as well as marketing are also supported by its subsidiaries. Moreover, the marketing policy and strategies are extending to the representatives of the group and also of the companies associated to it.

Due to a strong marketing strategy wedded to the idea of health, implemented and supported at the level of each subsidiary or representatives, nowadays Gedeon Richter is an important multinational company in Central and Eastern Europe.

Gedeon Richter România has an important contribution at the level of the whole concern, both in terms of development and production of medicines, and the extent of marketing communication.

In order to set a strategy in Romania in the medium and long term, the company has focused on the creation of the marketing network, of the quality insurance system and on providing all the conditions for the production of medicines in accordance with the international standards. The merging with the Richter representative, which has existed since 1996 and which is now a part of Gedeon Richter România Ltd., has resulted in the extension of the network, entailing the creation of a series of products which appeared in addition to those already existing. Thus, the Gedeon Richter România Ltd. portfolio has known an expansion of therapeutic areas, acquiring a larger addressability.

A unique characteristic in Romania derives from a strategy whose purpose is the vertical integration, as Gedeon Richter is represented at the level of all three segments of the Romanian pharmaceutical market: production of medicines, distribution and retail. This implies that the whole activity can be carried out through their own means, from the launching of a medicine on the market to its sale in the pharmacies. Consequently, all the commercial circuit of the product is carried out in a much shorter period, and the chain producer-distributor-physician-pharmacist can be followed much easier.

Consequently, Gedeon Richter has set up a distribution system of medicines through the acquisition of  great brands well-known nowadays under the name  Pharmafarm, being situated in the top of the Romanian distributors, aspect which is not to be ignored when it comes to a dynamic market such the one in Romania.
Being the owners of dozens of stores and several offices of representation, a rich portfolio of customers, the distribution companies have settled, as an objective of strategic importance, the continuous increase of quality standards, by introducing a quality management system based on the GDP norms (Good Distribution Practice).

The whole sale cycle is consolidated through the acquisition of more than 100 pharmacies – which has led to the appearance of the group called Gedeon Richter Farmacia. Very soon, the process of establishing a common brand for these units began, known as “Richter Pharmacies”, aiming at selling products to patients in accordance with the quality standard conditions.

The completion of the vertical integration project has brought two major benefits – on the one hand, Gedeon Richter România Ltd. has an important role on the open market and, on the other hand, the sale cycle of the products launched by the group has been considerably diminished. These benefits are actually expressed by high efficiency, which is supposed to meet the health needs of the population.

The marketing communication strategy is very important and it aims at three areas of interest: family physicians and specialists – through congresses, seminars, conferences and medical representatives; the pharmacists – through visits to the medical representatives and promotional materials; the responsible fora such as the Ministry of Health, ANM (The National Medicines Agency) and others – by means of the registration files, the supplying with promotional materials in use, pharmacovigilance files.

The goal of the company is to be remembered by collaborators and patients alike as true professionals and also to maintain their leadership on the traditional markets. The purpose of all these efforts put together is the accomplishment of a final goal, that of providing affordable and quality treatments to our patients.