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Gedeon Richter is one of the most important names on the pharmaceutical market in Central and Eastern Europe. The group owns companies that produce medicines in Hungary, Romania, Russia, Poland, Germany and India, as well as a network of local showrooms and sales departments spread on several continents.


In Romania, the Gedeon Richter group develop an integrated process: development and production of drugs, distribution and retail, all these through three major components of the group - Gedeon Richter România Ltd., Pharmafarm and Gedeon Richter Farmacia Ltd. We will try below to present the history of the stages leading to the current state of affairs.

The first products on the Romanian market appeared before 1989, and, in order to make them known to professionals - doctors and pharmacists – the showroom Gedeon Richter România opens in 1996. One of the reasons of taking this step was the launching of a series of new products for the treatment of cardiovascular, dermatological, rheumatologic diseases as well as those of the central nervous system, along with the existence of an impressive portfolio dedicated to the field of gynaecology and family planning.

The story of the company Gedeon Richter România Ltd. begins in 1998, when Gedeon Richter Plc - Hungary acquires the majority share package of Armedica Ltd. Medicine plant in Târgu Mureş, the main objective of the company thus becoming its alignment to international standards by obtaining the GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice - Rules of Good Pharmaceutical Practice) and the implementation of marketing activities in order to define the company’s target on an emerging market. In order to achieve this, important investments were made at a financial and logistical level.

An important moment for the group was the year 2003, when Armedica Ltd. changed its name to Gedeon Richter România Ltd, being the last step of integrating the Romanian subsidiary and a full recognition to the efforts of the investor.

Investments were considerable (over 45 million USD) and were made in several stages, the first of them being aimed at creating a system of assuring quality, at monitoring and certifying the quality of products in all the phases of the technological process, beginning with the acquisition of raw materials.



Also, a consistent investment was made in the departments of production, on the one hand to meet the international requirements regarding production and product quality, and, on the other hand, to increase the production capacity. Thus, between 1999 and 2006 investments were made to create modern production departments, equipped with cutting-edge technology. As a result of these investments, in 2001 the first GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice - Standards of Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products) was obtained. The process of modernization was not only limited to the production line, but it also targeted the entire utility system, such as the air-conditioning system and the purified water system, which both concur to create manufacturing conditions according to the rules of good pharmaceutical practice.

To guarantee the quality of Gedeon Richter products, side by side with the above-mentioned investments, the quality control laboratories have been modernized and equipped with modern appliances (HPLC, LC-MS, gas chromatograph, UV, IR spectrometers, microbiology laboratory).

Another important chapter, particularly in terms of medium and long term results, has been the establishment and permanent development of the Product Development Department. This, together with the bioequivalence laboratory, established in collaboration with the Medical and Pharmaceutical University in Târgu Mureş, completes a system that guarantees the quality of product development.

Following the same upward trend in the development of production capacities during the years 2005 and 2006, new lines of production were put into service, for tablets as well as for capsules. Thus, a new production line was put into service in 2006, a product line dedicated to the treatment of urologic conditions.

In 2008 new products for the treatment diabetes - skin diseases - were launched along with those in the cardiovascular segment. Some of the products launched in 2008 are drugs with extended release formulas, which involve the use of advanced technology and a highly skilled team in this area, which Gedeon Richter România has due to its continuous investment in human resources.

As a result of a strong activity in marketing, which has developed strategies all these years, as well as for the purpose of concise visibility on the market, the agency merged with Gedeon Richter România Ltd in 2008. The company’s portfolio saw an expansion of therapeutic areas, broadening the target range by more than 100 products.

For the past few years, the Gedeon Richter group have been using a broad procurement policy, aimed at entering the drug distribution segment as well as the retail segment. Thus, today, the group owns two drug distribution companies in Romania, Dita Import-Export and Pharmafarm, the former including two other distributors acquired in the years 2006-2007. One of the group's objectives of strategic importance to this market segment is to achieve quality services and a continuous growth of quality standards by introducing a quality management system based on the GDP (Good Distribution Practice).

Regarding the pharmacy segment, the company Gedeon Richter Pharmaceuticals Ltd. owns over 120 units, with a good national coverage. All these units provide services to patients at the highest level of quality.    

Also, in 2006 the construction of the Corunca Logistics Center began near the city of Târgu Mureş as a result of the diversification of the product portfolio and the increase in its volume, due to increased sales on the Romanian market and the expansion of export and lohn activity along with the company’s entry on the distribution market. The center provides facilities of modern storage and processing, for an efficient distribution of medicines.

On the Corunca site, next to the infrastructure for storage and logistics, a modern office building was built which houses the marketing department of Gedeon Richter România Ltd., the head office of Armedica Trading Company Llc. and the head office of Gedeon Richter Farmacia Ltd.

The company Gedeon Richter România Ltd. has over 590 employees, of which 49% have higher education degrees, and all the Gedeon Richter România Ltd. group has almost 1700 employees nationwide.

Gedeon Richter România Ltd. represents a successful brand in which remarkable people use their energy, professionalism and passion in order to convert everyday’s routine into something positive for the company and thus, implicitly, for all the people who are in need of its products.