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Research and Development


    The research and development activity makes the brand Gedeon Richter to be associated with innovations and not just with the medicines production. This activity is materialized by research of original active ingredients and by generic substances development beeing one of the priority activities of the company.

The vision and innovative spirit of the pharmacist Richter Gedeon, the founder, have been confirmed in time, and the company which is named after the founder represents at present an important pharmaceutical concern in Central and Eastern Europe.

The high level of research and development activity from Gedeon Richter concern is carried out by a group of approximately 800 scientists, their contribution to the development of the pharmaceutical science has been rewarded the World Intellectual Property Organization with a gold medal.

The concern for permanently maintaining at high standards the research activity and especially that of developing new products is not limited to the Gedeon Richter Plc., an important role in this regard being assigned to some of its subsidiaries.

Over 60 medicines have been developed and produced by the Gedeon Richter România subsidiary, most of them have been produced after 1998, and a number of  15 medicines have undergone the process of redevelopment.

These achievements are due to a strategy designed to maximize the results in the medium and long term, a strategy which, after serious investments, has been carried out through the establishment and permanent extension and endowment of a product research and development laboratory.

In time, the R&D team has increased, and now the company includes a distinct department which incorporates specialists in chemistry, medicine and pharmacy domain.  Together  they developed new solid forms, liquid or semi-solid forms starting from the new product formulation phase until the industrial aplication. 

As a result of the development activity, there are a series of products developed by original formulation and launched on the Romanian market as primary generic. The top products, as modified release medicines, imply the use of a higher technology as well as of a high qualified team specialized in this field, which Gedeon Richter has due to the continuous investments in R&D and HR. The medicines developed in Gedeon Richter România Ltd. are registered in Romania as well as abroad. 

All of these together with the ideas described above, has consolidate an important position to the Gedeon Richter România Ltd. subsidiary as beeing product developer for the entire concern.